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Boom time ahead for Hawke’s Bay as New Zealand Technology Group partners locally

26 May 2016

Hawke’s Bay based web hosting company, Web Connect, is looking towards a bigger and brighter future thanks to their recent partnership with ICT investment company, New Zealand Technology Group.

Wiremu Paipa, well established entrepreneurial figure in the region and owner of Web Connect, is anticipating a lot more business to roll in over the next few months as he and the Group work together to combine their skills, resources and vision.

New Zealand Technology Group’s self imposed mandate to empower the regions is paying dividends big time. And it’s business owners like Wiremu that make this possible.

“It’s about finding passionate business owners that have similar values to us, and who have something mutually beneficial to offer the Group,” says Wayne Baird, General Manager Regions.

Wiremu has spent years building and refining Web Connect’s systems and infrastructure, and offers NZTG’s group of companies one of the most robust and stable hosting services in the country. He has invested a lot of time automating his processes to continue to improve efficiencies and provide his customers with a level of service that they can’t find anywhere else.

“I made a promise to look after my clients,” says Wiremu. “I’m old school. If I promise something, I deliver it. I’m well known in this town and if I break my promises, I’d have to leave. With a lot of companies there’s no personal service any more, and that is just wrong.”

Web Connect’s decision to partner with New Zealand Technology Group is about longevity. The Group works with their partner companies to build on all the hard work and good will that their business owners have spent years creating. That way customers are still able to enjoy the long term relationships that they’re used to, but now with a much larger service offering that suddenly becomes available to them. 

Wiremu sees the future as being “massive.” Web Connect can now continue to deliver its services to its customers, but with a much greater infrastructure behind it. And the Group is also able to capitalise on the processes and systems that Wiremu has put in place, and centralise its own hosting services to its group of companies.

New Zealand Technology Group’s presence in the region is set to become permanent as they near the completion of their building in Napier, with Web Connect taking up residence when it’s ready.

The building itself is an important statement to the area. It shows a next level of technical service that’s there to stay, and will go a long way to establishing a network that can be trusted.

“This is great for the region,” says Wiremu. “People need to know that someone’s there for them; that they can stroll in if they want to and get help.”

This poses great economic potential for the region as the New Zealand Technology Group companies deliver end to end ICT services to local businesses, allowing them to not only grow, but flourish.

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