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Growing NZ’s tech industry is a Group effort

6 May 2016

If you’re a business operating in the IT and Telecommunications space, you may very well have heard of New Zealand Technology Group.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, then you could expect a call at some point in the near future.

NZTG's vision is to build an umbrella organisation that invests in strong IT brands that operate throughout New Zealand. The realisation was that most, if not all, business owners end up becoming so bogged down with administrative duties that they are less able to focus on growth.

By joining or merging with the Group, NZTG is able to provide business owners with a robust administrative and back office infrastructure that they can tap into, thereby freeing up their time to do what they’re best at and love doing.

“We like finding talented people who are passionate about what they’re doing, but can’t seem to get their business to that critical mass required for significant growth,” says Dwayne Smith CFO and Founder of the group..

The benefit to business owners doesn’t stop there. The Group also provides a powerful nationwide network. Ideas, products and services are opened up to the entire Group, allowing businesses to increase their offering to existing customers, as well as the opportunity to expand their client reach.

Having proven to be a great success with a number of Auckland companies, NZTG now has its sights set on empowering the regions. Already there is a groundswell happening in Hawke’s Bay, and NZTG’s first satellite operation opens its doors in Napier in mid June 2016.

“Ultimately, we want to assist regional New Zealand in growing economically,” says Wayne Baird, General Manager of Regions. “The NZTG model will continue to grow in Auckland and we see it as a natural progression to regionalise it and work with the companies in each area to deliver better service and ideas to their local clients.”

Having your business benefit from this structure starts with a simple conversation. If you’re interested in talking further, contact wayne.baird@nztechnologygroup.com.

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