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Mozzie; you're in safe hands

4 Jun 2015

Data loss, and the price tag of downtime associated with that data loss, cost businesses $1.7 trillion in a 12 month period alone, according to the findings of a sponsored survey by EMC, conducted by Vanson Bourne. The survey findings go on to state that while the overall number of data loss incidents were decreasing, the volume of data lost during an incident is growing exponentially.

(For the full article, see http://www.eweek.com/small-business/data-loss-downtime-cost-businesses-1.7-trillion.html)

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Dwayne Smith, General Manager New Zealand Technology Group, looked for a stable, locally based and New Zealand focused service and product set to be made available to all the businesses and their customers within the New Zealand Technology Group.

Enter Mozzie, a tried and tested Cloud based service that had been around since 2009. Mozzie’s solutions are founded on the belief that backup is only half the story, successful recovery is the complete story. Paul Croft, Director of Mozzie, ensures a personalised service that sees data being held in New Zealand under New Zealand laws, allowing businesses to meet compliance requirements.

Mozzie services include specialist disaster recovery and medical data backup, as well as several other off-site automatic or managed services, depending on the complexity of the data. “It pays to make sure your data is not only backed up safely, but can be retrieved again at a moments notice – we’ll have you back up and running with as little disruption to your business as possible”, says Croft.

The merger between New Zealand Technology Group and Mozzie promises to be a strong match. “Ensuring the safety of data in this digital age is critical to business operation. Businesses have a right to straight-forward data backup solutions that are locally based and easily accessed should anything unfortunate happen”, says Smith.

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