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Need a Nerd Merges with New Zealand Technology Group

4 Apr 2017

From 1 May 2017, the ICT mixed-franchise business, Need a Nerd, will join forces with New Zealand Technology Group, forming one of the largest ICT networks in the country.

Need-a-Nerd started in the Hawke’s Bay in 2004 by the Dunkerley family. Owner Peter Dunkerley has a wealth of experience behind him running a multi-site business, implementing systems, structure and processes that saw the Need a Nerd business grow rapidly right from the early stages.

The concept of both businesses joining together with the intention of creating a much larger and stronger network throughout the country is not new to New Zealand Technology Group. Having been in business since 1998 the group has grown significantly with over 30 ICT businesses having joined during that time. It’s Need-a-Nerd’s nationwide reach that fits snugly with New Zealand Technology Group’s strategic objective of having a presence in 16 regions throughout the country.

From a single Hawke’s Bay operation, Need a Nerd has grown into a nationwide business, servicing clients from Whangarei to Invercargill, with 11 company locations and 10 third party supply locations and a database of 50,000 customers, both commercial and residential. One of the many benefits that this merger brings for clients is access to new products and services including broadband and voice services delivered by New Zealand Technology Group.

“What Need a Nerd brings is another market segment for New Zealand Technology Group. They have nationwide coverage, very good people, and a well-known brand, that can only be enhanced by the merger” says Wayne Baird, CEO New Zealand Technology Group. “They add value to what we’re already trying to do. They fit with our strategy of opening up into the regions and building strong relationships with local people.”

According to Peter Dunkerley, joining with New Zealand Technology Group is really about industry rationalisation; “taking all the little guys and rolling them into one to be a more efficient and effective company.”

Peter will remain a director, and New Zealand Technology Group will look to him to provide wisdom based on his vast business experience.

“The future is exciting,” says Peter. “There are some very good staff that New Zealand Technology Group will inherit. It’s teams of people working to their optimum skill level that achieve great things”

One of those people that the Group will inherit is Wray Wilson, CEO of Need a Nerd. Wray has been with the company since 2007 and has been hugely instrumental in the company’s growth and success.

Wray is excited about the merger and embraces being part of something bigger.

“Although Need-a-Nerd has a strong national presence we have huge potential to grow. By joining New Zealand Technology Group we get the benefits that scale brings better purchasing power, much improved systems, access to a very comprehensive set of products and a huge depth of experience and capability that we will also be able to offer,says Wray.The merger will also provide a much higher level of support to our franchisee’s and the future is certainly bright for all involved.”

Wray will be instrumental in driving the merger process with New Zealand Technology Group and then will take on the role of Regional Manager for the Hawke’s Bay region. This is a challenge he is very excited about and something that Wayne Baird endorses wholeheartedly. “I know he is going to do a fantastic job for us in Hawke’s Bay. Through this merger we’ve found a really good business leader and Wray is going to be key to growing that region. I have every confidence in knowing that Wray will own this; he’s a good guy, knows what he’s doing, does it really well and will look after the people and customers.”

It’s capitalising on this local knowledge and expertise that drives the New Zealand Technology Group ethos of building relationships and credibility through incredible talent that can be found all over the country.

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