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RS Comms Partners with NZTG

1 Feb 2016

New Zealand Technology Group announces strategic partnership with RS Comms

New Zealand Technology Group (NZTG) announced today it has entered into a strategic partnership with RS Comms, which is merging its operations into NZTG to provide sales support and telecommunications services to small and mid-sized businesses.

RS Comms was formed in 2015 after purchasing the collapsed Auckland-based telco Intagr8. The merger into the group will offer reliable service solutions to businesses caught up in the aftermath of the failed provider.

NZTG is a leading nationwide IT and telco solutions provider with more than 10,000 business customers throughout New Zealand. NZTG’s scale of ICT expertise, services and customer support will enable the company to offer a range of telco options to small and mid-sized business with a seamless transition. This includes the migration of digital calling services that can significantly reduce monthly telco costs.

“NZTG is enthusiastic about the opportunity to partner with RS Comms to provide a strong solution to the unfortunate situation left by Intagr8,” said founder Dwayne Smith. “We are unable to do anything about the legacy issues around the potentially questionable contracts held by Intargr8, but we can support New Zealand businesses that still need reliable, reputable internet and telecommunications services in order to operate and thrive. The new partnership also reinforces our long term vision to partner with promising companies.”

Smith added that NZTG had been in contact with the Intagr8 liquidators, Waterstone Insolvency, in December, shortly before the assets were sold to RS Comms, owned by Auckland businessman David Rouse. Around 15 former Intagra8 staff have been retained, all from customer service, finance and provisioning areas.

“We then entered into dialogue with David and decided we could potentially work together to provide competitive, workable solutions to any of the businesses effected by Intagra8’s collapse.”

NZTG and RS Comms staff are contacting previous Intargr8 clients to introduce the new partnership and outline potential service options as a new supplier.
For further information, contact: wayne.baird@nztechnologygroup.com or ph. 021 273 9496

About NZ Technology Group

New Zealand Technology Group (NZTG) was founded by Dwayne Smith, an IT entrepreneur who in 1993 successfully set his first computer sales and training business while still at primary school.

In 1998 he registered his company, Horizon Pacific. By then he and his team were providing IT support for most of the country’s real estate companies in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton.

Horizon Pacific focused on IT business and in 2011 a new ISP for business was launched to take full advantage of fibre and Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB). Simply called One, it was the first business ISP to connect to the new UFB network and the first in New Zealand to connect a business service roles.

New Zealand Technology Group was created as an umbrella organisation to invest in strong IT brands. The Group provides proven back office systems and administration with each business within the group accountable for its own profit and loss.

NZTG is attracting an increasing number of brands. Horizon Pacific Wellington & Rodney, The Computer Centre, Swift Technology Group, Bush Wireless and Zoom Computers all joined in 2013. Technologix and Capricorn Computers joined in 2014 and Medstar, a business that focuses on ICT in the medical profession as well as iPhone Parts NZ joined in 2015. There are also two joint ventures partners with Mozzie, a back up services company, and TJ Electrical who focus on electrical and data cabling solutions.

Business owners are able to focus 100% on their customers, while collectively achieving the economies of scale each brand needs to achieve significant growth. As partners within the group, individual business owners are benefiting from each other’s experience and expertise, and together they set the group’s direction and strategy.

The group is growing and has plans already underway to expand into Hawkes Bay and other regions this year. There has been interest from a large number of businesses throughout New Zealand who will reap major benefits with what NZTG’s business model can bring.

About RS Comms

RS Comms was formed in late 2015 after purchasing a collapsed Auckland-based telecommunications company. Dave Rouse, Managing Director, has a reputation for taking businesses and creating better systems and processes to enable high quality customer service and adding value to all of the stakeholders including partners and clients.

Working with New Zealand Technology Group the company provides digital and traditional telecommunications services to business customers throughout New Zealand. As a member of the group RS Comms has access to the latest systems and processes along with expert knowledge and solutions from both their sales and technical staff.

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