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New Zealand's most forward-thinking technology group

The New Zealand Technology Group knows how to make technology companies fly. We see potential, and then we find ways to turn it into market leadership.

Since 1998 we’ve been partnering with promising companies in the New Zealand ICT industry, allowing them to become everything they want to be. We do this by taking care of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of running a company – the finance, customer support, sales and marketing, human resources and infrastructure – so that more focus and energy can be poured into the real business. We also provide unlimited access to an immense pool of strategic and executional knowledge and experience – a priceless resource that is being continuously topped up with the latest discoveries.

 It’s a formula that’s working incredibly well. Every business that has joined our group is flourishing – especially those that had been finding it hard to turn business strategy into sales action. 

Our group is proof that the ICT industry can find strength in numbers. By joining New Zealand Technology Group, a promising enterprise instantly acquires critical mass, access to best-practice resources and industry-leading intelligence that enables progress and success. 

Are you curious about how New Zealand Technology Group could help your business develop its potential?

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Our Vision and Values

What drives us and why are we re-shaping the ICT industry in New Zealand?

Our History

We’ve been growing steadily since our inception, partnering with IT businesses big and small.

Management Team

Meet the perceptive people behind New Zealand's biggest technology group.

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See how we're supporting ICT businesses throughout the Regions.

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