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Our History

How it all started

New Zealand Technology Group was founded by Dwayne Smith. Dwayne has a remarkable track record as an IT entrepreneur, beginning in 1993 when he successfully ran a computer sales and training business while still at primary school.

How it all started

In 1998 Dwayne registered his company, naming it Horizon Pacific. By then he and his team were providing IT support for most of New Zealand’s real estate companies in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton.

Internet service provider

In 1999, Harcourts was having ongoing difficulties with their email provider, so Horizon Pacific became an internet service provider and migrated over all the email for Harcourts New Zealand.

One stop shop for everything IT

Before long Horizon Pacific was providing businesses with everything from photocopiers, cabling and phone systems to IT, finance and consulting. The goal was to give customers the convenience of one account manager and one bill for everything, but in reality the business was at risk of becoming a jack of all trades and master of none.

A new structure and One fibre leads the way

Realising that his success to date was becoming diluted and weighed down by the complexities of running a large operation, Dwayne led a re-organisation of Horizon Pacific’s structure and operating model. Business administration was physically separated from sales and service roles. Horizon Pacific would focus on IT business and in 2011 a new internet service provider (ISP) for business was launched to take full advantage of fibre and Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB). Simply called One, it was the first business ISP to connect to the new UFB network and the first in New Zealand to connect a business to it.

New Zealand Technology Group is launched

With the new operating model proving successful, New Zealand Technology Group was created as an umbrella organisation to invest in strong IT brands. The Group provides proven back office systems and administration, freeing up the talented creators of those brands to focus on doing what they do best and enjoy the most. Each business within the group remains accountable for its own profit and loss.

The snowball effect begins

Since 2013, New Zealand Technology Group has been attracting an increasing number of brands into its fold, not only in Auckland but throughout the country. A strategic initiative has seen New Zealand Technology Group make inroads into the regions, and has already seen a significant positive influence on local business. The first regional office opened in Hawke’s Bay in mid 2016, followed closely by the opening of the Gisborne office. The ongoing success of the Group is attributed to its business owners being able to focus 100% on their customers, while collectively achieving the economies of scale each brand needs to achieve significant growth. As partners within the group, individual business owners are benefiting from each other’s experience and expertise, and together they set the group’s direction and strategy for the future.

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