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Every company that joins New Zealand Technology Group is different, but they share common goals:

They all have a vision about what they want to achieve – financially, personally and as thought leaders in the New Zealand ICT sector.

They’re all fiercely committed to the concept of continual improvement, because the technology world never stands still – if anything, it’s speeding up every year.

And they recognise that their energy, skills and creativity should be primarily focused on developing products or services and winning customers, rather than the generic day-to-day tasks of business management.

There’s one more thing our brands have in common, and that’s a desire to collaborate and share with recognised ICT sector business experts. When you rub shoulders with leading knowledge and expertise, some of it rubs off on you.

Centralised services

Best-practice shared in-house resources are at the heart of New Zealand Technology Group’s business model.

On your own it’s expensive to hire the best people to take care of ‘necessary but non-core’ business management functions. But as a member of New Zealand Technology Group you get all the expert business management support you need, and then some.



Our finance team manage the core areas of finance, asset management, debtor & creditor management, accounting and procurement for your company. Less time with the books means more time for your true business passion.


Customer Support

Our exceptional customer support team look after the business you’ve already won. They can also help you to win new business, because companies are often judged on the level of support they can offer. From general support to technical troubleshooting, we’ve got every avenue of customer support covered.



In our experience, tech companies are great at developing ideas, but not so great at exposing them to the right audiences in the right way. New Zealand Technology Group’s in-house marketing team knows how to plan and execute effective campaigns. The results go straight to your bottom line.


Human Resources

As a smallish independent company, you’re unlikely to ever have the benefit of an HR specialist for recruiting, induction, training and exiting. With us, you have best-practice HR expertise on call whenever you need it. Better HR means better people. Better people mean quicker success. New Zealand Technology Group can also assess your current Health & Safety procedures and assist you in ensuring that your business is compliant with the latest Codes of Practice legislation.



We can help you create a more cost-effective, secure and responsive infrastructure that scales and adapts to your business needs. Utilise our significant investment in the NGN (Next Generation Network) covering all of New Zealand, data centre services, or let us help you build your own niche service.


Mergers & Acquisitions

New Zealand Technology Group has a strategy of identifying and partnering with like-minded businesses, where the Group can assist with their growth in the region, and where they can benefit the Group with their local knowledge and expertise.


Regional Support

New Zealand Technology Group provides expert leadership and advice to our regions and teams across New Zealand. Through sales, delivery and support services our regions are empowered to deliver for their local communities.


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