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Benefits of joining

Benefits of joining our group

Boost profitability and achieve financial goals sooner

When you went into business, you had a dream. Are you there yet? If it isn’t happening fast enough, what are the likely reasons? Our in-house resources and tech business management experience could be the problem solvers you need.

Reduce overheads and operating costs

Sharing core services – such as Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Infrastructure, Development and Customer Support – with a collective of other like-minded companies makes your business focused and agile. It also significantly cuts costs.

Get a better work-life balance

Burning the midnight oil, spending weekends catching up on work, missing out on family life – these are symptoms of a business under stress. Our ‘strength in numbers’ philosophy allows member companies to become more time efficient, which gives hours back to their lives every week.


Put your energy and effort where it has the best effect

The supportive framework of New Zealand Technology Group frees up time for what you do best. You can use your specialised knowledge and skills where they’ll have the most impact. And you can finally eliminate the frustration of spending too much time in the business to work on the business.

Feel confident about decision making

Effective knowledge management is built into the structure of New Zealand Technology Group. Every time a company joins us, our pool of wisdom increases. Being able to tap into this resource of expertise allows you to make business decisions that are aligned with the latest truths. Doubts are erased; pessimism is replaced by optimism.


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