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Making the call on digital voice

If you’re a business still using analogue phone technology, you’re not alone. But it might not be too long before you are.

Traditional PABX systems are gradually becoming obsolete as phone technology shifts towards cloud-based digital PBX solutions and away from analogue systems.

PABX systems have long been the standard telephone solution for business, but as the fibre network continues to be rolled out through the country, the old copper network is gradually being stripped from the ground and replaced.

Companies who have invested tens of thousands of dollars in their PABX systems are understandably reluctant to see the removal of their investment. But it doesn’t take long to grasp the benefits of switching to a digital platform.

The cost of ownership with traditional PABX systems is high, and often the vendor who sold the system in the first place is no longer operating, or the equipment is out of date and no longer supported. If you are needing repair or even added functionality, it is usually expensive. On top of that you are paying to use the outdated copper infrastructure. 

Businesses operating in the 21st century need to have flawless telecommunication systems in place, it’s just that simple. The good news is that at present, there has never been a more ideal time to switch your organisation’s technology from analogue to digital. There are a wide range options available, and no matter what set up you’re thinking of, a cloud based PBX system is a necessary tool for the future.

Phones are a core part of any business; they connect you to your customers and your customers to you. As an important daily business tool, phones that are outdated pose a silent threat; a threat that can be neutralised by switching to a cloud based PBX system. Arming your business with the latest technology will always ensure you stay ahead of your competition.  

New Zealand Technology Group is at the forefront of future proofing New Zealand businesses. Their brands, One Wholesale, RS Comms and Medstar, are leading experts in the dispersion of state-of-the-art technology, including digital cloud based PBX systems. 

As technology continues to evolve in the years to come, New Zealand Technology Group will be rapidly evolving with it.   

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